Amir's Saffron Incense

Amir's Saffron Incense
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This rare, highly exotic selection is peerless in its profound beauty and elegance. There are many incenses with "saffron" in their title, but very few have much in the way of perceivable saffron. Amir's Saffron is rich with the unmistakable and inimitable scent of high grade saffron. The intoxicating scent of saffron resides unflinching and prominently in the spotlight. The supporting cast of sandalwood, sandalwood oil, sandalwood resin and high grade oudh its self would make for an outstanding incense, but as an accompaniment to the saffron, it hones the saffron element into a keen olfactory force that shatters mundania and creates a vista into fantastic exotica. It's not cheap, but if it's saffron that you ache to have, it's well worth it. $5 for 15g