Omani Royal Superior Hojari Frankincense Incense

Omani Royal Superior Hojari Frankincense Incense

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We now have Omani Royal Superior Hojari Frankincense. In all of the world, no frankincense is more sought after than Omani frankincense. In fact, few fragrances of any kind are as sought after as much. Even within the great, there is the greatest, namely, Hojari Superior Omani Frankincense. To experience it, one will forever be haunted by it unique, exotic, ancient beauty. The echoing of millenia is just another breath away, to experience  the same as the ancients  without alteration is like walking down the great hallways of time its self. This is the very substance written about in the Bible,available to us to experience the same thing as those who lived then. It boggles the mind.  It goes for $15 for 25g.