Patchouli, Light Essential Oil

Patchouli, Light Essential Oil
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We found an exceptional source for pure, uncut light patchouli essential oil.  It's everything one could want in a light patchouli oil.  Just what is light patchouli oil?  It is patchouli oil, distilled in a chemically neutral still, usually stainless steel and stored in a chemically neutral vessel, also often stainless steel.  This differs from dark patchouli oil in that the dark oil is distilled and stored in cast iron.  The cast iron reacts with the oil and alters it into dark patchouli oil, which is softer, less potant, darker in fragrance, and less aggressive.  Light patchouli oil besides being lighter in color is more powerful, up front, assertive,  bright, peppery, and "hot" in fragrance.  Is one better than the other?  It's pure opinion.  Sometimes we'll even wear both to achieve the best of both worlds.  Since it is uncut, take care when applying it directly to skin as some may react to pure patchouli oil, so go easy at first.  We pour out two sizes, half ounce (15ml) and sixth ounce (5ml)  It comes with a dropper insert for easier application.  We buy decent quantities at a time and fill the little bottles ourselves so we are able to offer such quality and quantity at this price.