22mm Pink Powder Glass Beads

22mm Pink Powder Glass Beads

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These substantial powder glass beads are a most fetching hue of pink.  They're a little bit on the peachy side of pink.  It's a fairly uncommon color for powder glass beads.  They come from Ghana, Africa.  The title "powder glass"  is due to the process by which they are made.  They start as recycled glass which is pulverized into a fine powder.  This powder is sifted into little molds then put into an earthen kiln to fuse the powder into spheres.  Each is carefully removed and a hole is pierced with a pick by hand.  This process gives them their distinctive matte finish and variations in size and shape.  They add a sophisticated, ethnic, chunky quality to your beadwork.  They have holes large enough to permit thicker cord and hemp.  These measure about 22mm, but there is some variation as each is made by hand.